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RCB vs SRH Head to Head Records IPL

RCB vs SRH Head to Head Records IPL is very exclusive and full of excitement. SRH and RCB have played 8 matches sRCB is known and original team of IPL named as royal challengers Bangalore, but the team SRH is the team represents Hyderabad and it made in 2012. After the dissolution of Deccan Chargers from IPL tournament SRH was presented and started IPL tournament matches since 2013. Till today the great teams of RCB vs SRH head to head opposition has been fought in total 8 matches in IPL. Among all 8 games the great RCB has won 4 matches and the new Sunrisers Hyderabad won 3 matches. The remaining 1 match between RCB vs SRH has been tied in April 2013.

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RCB vs SRH Head to Head Records IPL

SRH has been the David Warner team till today; the great team has the popularity of being the most struggling team which finally managed to won the final of 2016 IPL against the big team of RCB. The coach Tom Moody had worked really hard to put up the confidence of players and the consistent fight made them the winner of IPL. RCB is also the most famous team of IPL which keep up its struggle and suffering from regular changes may cause their victory graph towards down. In March 2009 the Vijay Mallya launched that the Rahul Dravid left captaincy and the new captain would be Kevin Pietersen.

RCB vs SRH Head to Head Records IPL

First Team Second Team Winner Margin Ground Date
Sunrisers RCB tied Hyderabad (Deccan) Apr 7, 2013
RCB Sunrisers RCB 7 wickets Bangalore Apr 9, 2013
RCB Sunrisers RCB 4 wickets Bangalore May 4, 2014
Sunrisers RCB Sunrisers 7 wickets Hyderabad (Deccan) May 20, 2014
RCB Sunrisers Sunrisers 8 wickets Bangalore Apr 13, 2015
Sunrisers RCB RCB 6 wickets Hyderabad (Deccan) May 15, 2015
RCB Sunrisers RCB 45 runs Bangalore Apr 12, 2016
Sunrisers RCB Sunrisers 15 runs Hyderabad (Deccan) Apr 30, 2016

RCB vs SRH Head to Head Records IPL

This big change showed enough conspiracy and cause of rumors like the change of captaincy would be the result of bad performance by the overall team in the first tournament of IPL. Then Anil Kumble has taken the responsibility of leading team in some remaining matches of IPL season 2. In the captaincy of Kumble, RCB has been fought with some great success and the audiences found RCB played very well. In the first year of the game in 2013, the great RCB defeated SRH with the run of 45.  The highlight of RCB team is Virat Kohli, the great performance by him was the famous and known sigma for RCB.

Instead of big fifties of Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle could not make up to win RCB, in 2016 match of IPL Sunriser Hyderabad has performed superbly well and scored 209 like big score and get victory efficiently. SRH team had fewer players from India and offspinners in this team lack as well but they got an amazing top order with Dale Steyn. After the unexpected victory, the social media has come out with amazing admiration for SRH and performance by players of the team.

SRH had celebrated their victory and yes they should have done party and the player Ben by SRH scored 39 runs in just 15 balls must celebrate too. In winning year SRH bowlers had to perform magically incredible & well to defend their total so the bhuvneshwar Kumar and mustahfiz ur Rahman did. Also, the David Warner had been top scorer with 69 runs by SRH, this defeat was the third big defeat for RCB after 2009 and 2010. However, the champions of 2016 are looking forward to getting another victory or planning for performing super well in coming year.

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